As technology evolves, we seem to drift away from the physical world and emerge ourselves into small screens that are almost a windows to this world where we do and be whatever we want. As we transcend to this digital era, the awareness of our surroundings sometimes have no importance to us on that very moment we are staring at these screens.

We are so obsessed in this digital world that what should be important to us like family gatherings, a walk in the park, talking to friends are slowly, but surely, being less and less important as we more and more get obstructed by digital content.

We stare at the screen all the time. At the bus stop, while we're eating... Gosh! Even when we have someone right in front of us, talking to you, we seem to always slip away and take a pick on our phones because it is there where we think the most important things in life are happening, and it is. Our obsession in digital content is making us fall into oblivion of our own reality.

Photos: Jett Silva/Eiger Visuals